Footer Module


A footer module displays at the bottom of an application in Express View Express View is how your end-user views you application. Express View also lets you preview your applications to test your configuration and view the styling. This is also the view your end-users will see when interacting with your application. After configuring a module, click Preview in the Module Builder to interact with the module in Express View.. In a footer module, you might display a logo, contact information, social media links, a sitemap, or insert a CTA Call To Action (CTA) is a piece of content designed to persuade an end-user to perform a specific act. An example of a common CTA is a "Buy Now" button.. Footers exist in a separate module, which you connect to your application in the App Details settings.

IMPORTANT  Footer module RBAC RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) is a method to control system access for authorized users. The role in RBAC refers to the levels of access employees have to a network. is defined by the RBAC of the embedded components.

Creating a Footer Module

Footers are FE front-end modules assigned to the Footer Module drop-down in Application settings.

To create and assign a footer module at the Application level:

1. Navigate to your application.
2. Click + Create New.
3. Select Module.
4. In the Module Name field, enter a name for your footer module. The Module-Path field autopopulates.

TIP  To make it easier to locate your footer later, begin your module name with Footer. For example, Footer: Acme Corp.

5. From the Module Type drop-down select FE Front-End.

IMPORTANT  Footer Modules are a front-end element, an application might experience unintended consequences when the Module Type is API API or  O  Other.

A static image displaying the Create Module modal with the Module Name, Path, and Type fields populated.

6. Click Create.

From here, open the module and customize your footer. Here are the following supported components:

IMPORTANT  Avoid naming components with common values. Header and footer modules cannot have components with the same Property ID. Otherwise, neither display in Express View. It's a best practice to differentiate components with a descriptive name—for example, dwFooterOutput.