Community Hub Introduction


Unqork's Community Hub is a one-stop shop for all Unqork resources. The major navigation points in the Community Hub are:

  • Knowledge Base: Use this menu to access everything from Platform Q&A and Unqork documentation to Academy courses and Community Hub FAQs.

  • Feedback: Use this menu to report platform bugs or participate in user research.

  • Marketplace: Click this link to visit the Unqork Marketplace.

TIP  To learn more about the Marketplace, visit our Introduction to the Unqork Marketplace article.

  • Updates: Click this link to see the latest community, platform, documentation, academy, and marketplace updates.

  • Events: Click this link to see upcoming and ongoing Unqork events.

  • Status: Click this link to see the current status of the Unqork platform.

Use the menus at the top of the page to find all kinds of other Unqork resources. These include:

  • Platform and API (application programming interface) documentation.

  • Access to Unqork's Academy, where you'll find configurator courses and lesson material.

  • Upcoming Unqork events and Platform updates.

  • A place to report platform bugs or participate in user research.

To access the Community Hub,visit For questions or concerns regarding Unqork's Community Hub, contact us at

Using the Community Hub

The Community Hub is accessible to everyone, but Creators with an account can log in to access the Knowledge Base and Feedback sections. Creators can use the Community Hub to ask questions about the Unqork Designer Platform, review best practices, and see how other creators use the Unqork platform in the Use Case Showcase.

TIP  To learn more about using the Community Hub, visit our Using Unqork's Community Hub article.

Asking Questions

Through the Community Hub, you can create a post to ask questions about the Unqork Designer Platform, application and module configurations, or best practices. Creating a new post requires that you log in.

TIP  To learn more about creating posts on Unqork's Community Hub, visit our How to: Create a Platform Q&A Forum Post article.

Achieving Subject Matter Expert (SME) Status

The Community Hub is also the home of the largest collection of Unqork Creators. SMEs (subject matter experts) are top knowledge holders who contribute the most to Unqork's Community Hub. You'll find incentivized SMEs who are happy to answer all your questions accurately and quickly. The most trusted SMEs are those with the highest number of reputation points. The more an SME contributes, the more reputation points they'll earn. This means you can become an Unqork SME!

TIP  To learn more about SME reputation points, visit this Community Hub FAQ page:

SME Perks Program

To reward contributions in the Community Hub, Unqork has an SME Perks Program. It's a way to thank members of the community. It's also an incentive to contribute to the growth and quality of our Community Hub.

TIP  To learn more about the SME Perks Program, visit this Community Hub FAQ page: