How-to Guides

Unqork’s How-to Guides are procedure-based articles that guide you through a specific task or use case. You’ll learn to use tools, features, and combined elements to achieve a goal. How-to Guides are non-industry specific and support multiple business cases. Use these goal-oriented directions to achieve results and create your applications.


Explore Administration how-to guides, including how to generate self-signed certificates, use global variables, and more.

APIs & Integrations

Learn how to make internal and external API calls in Unqork, as well as integrate services like SendGrid or BI Connectors.

Dashboard Configurations

Discover how to build commonly-used dashboard configurations.

Data Workflow: Operator Library

Explore operator-specific how-to guides to create common Data Workflow configuration patterns.

Error Handling

Learn how to configure error messages and bring clarity to errors your end-user might encounter.

Unqork Marketplace

Learn about additional configuration to make the most out of your Marketplace integrations, snippets, and templates.

Module Builder: Component Library

Browse our component-specific how-to guides.

RBAC & Security

Discover how to use encryption and decryption, remote/server-side execution, RBAC, and more in your applications.

SSO & Authentication

Browse provider-specific guides to configure single sign-on for Designer and Express View, using SAML or OIDC.

Workflow Builder: Node Library

Browse our node-specific how-to guides.


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