Data Workflow: Operator Library

Operators are the building blocks of your Data Workflows. Drag and drop them onto your Data Workflow canvas to create fields, customize layouts, or perform logic.

TIP  For examples of specific use cases using various components, see the How-to Guides: Operator Library section of our How-to Guides.

I/O Operators

These operators let you input data, create tables and values, and output data to components. They include the Input, Create Table, Output, and Console operators.

Gateways Operators

These operators let you introduce decision logic, control Data Workflow pathways, and merge and split branches. They include the Branch Split and Branch Merge, Decision, and Input Switch operators.

Table Operators

These operators let you append and merge tables, create a nested table, and output data as a string or an object. They include the Append, Create Field, Merge, Nest By, and Table2Object operators.

Array Operators

These operators let you retrieve data from a data set, add values to a data structure, and join an array of values. They include the Array2Col, Get, Join, and Set operators.

Object Operators

These operators let you remove null values, create a table into an object, and merge two objects into one. They include the Clean Object, Diff, Extend, and Has operators.

Value/String Operators

These operators let you convert Excel files into JSON, convert a JSON string to a JSON object, and find matching values in a table. They include the Convert Value, Formula, NLP, and Split String operators.