Unqork User Manual

Unqork’s User Manual is where you’ll find foundational, end-to-end documentation for the Unqork Designer Platform. The User Manual includes documentation for each component, operator, node, setting, tool, and feature.

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Understand all the options available on the Administration page.

Understand API basics, how to use the Unqork internal API, how to connect to external APIs, and review guides to integrating with external services like SendGrid.

TIP  See developers.unqork.io for Unqork's internal API documentation.

Learn about creating applications in Unqork.

Learn about topics related to the cloud service providers Unqork supports.

Learn to use the Data Workflow component and the data types it supports.

Learn to use the various Data Workflow operators.

Get to know the Module Editor, including information about modules and Module Editor settings.

Find detailed documentation for the components in the Module Editor.

Quickly find important reference guides that include all supported formulas, logic component inputs and outputs, and the Real-Time Configuration Analysis test guide.

Learn about component, environment, module, and workspace-level RBAC.

Explore security-related topics including encryption and decryption, setting up secure SFTP connections, and remote/server-side execution.

Get an introduction to Unqork's Community Hub, explore announcements and resources, and ask Platform-related questions.

Discover how the UDLC Toolkit helps you manage every stage of the development life cycle.

Explore integrations, snippets, templates, and everything to do with the Unqork Marketplace.

Learn about the Workflow Editor and how to use every workflow node.

Get to know the Workflow Editor, including information about workflows and Workflow Editor settings.

Learn about Workspaces and the general architecture of the Platform.