Login Module


The login module is the first page end-users End-users, also known as Express Users, are the individuals accessing an application through Express View. In most cases, end-users are the customers using the product. see when logging in to your application. You can set up your login page to verify end-user credentials or use an SSO Single Sign-On is an authentication scheme that enables users to use one set of login credentials across multiple services. authentication service. You can create this page in its own module during the application creation process. Or, you can connect it to your application later. The login module is optional and not required to build your application in the Unqork Designer Platform.

WARNING  Login and Logout modules are only available when viewing at the Application level.

Enabling a Login Module

On the Environment Administration page, you can enable custom login modules based on application needs. Enable the setting to connect or disconnect login modules to applications. Disable the setting to prevent login modules from being connected or disconnected from applications.

To enable an existing login module:

1. At the top of the Unqork Designer Platform, click Administration.
2. Under Environment, select Environment Administration.
3. Navigate to the General settings section of Environment Administration.
4. Set Enable Custom Login/Logout Modules to Checked Box Icon (checked).
5. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.