How-to Guides: Component Library

This section of our How-to documentation lets you explore various use cases using many of the Unqork components. Click on a description to see the how-to documentation.

Button Component

Introduction to triggering operations using a Button component.

Adding custom navigation buttons.

Triggering multiple operations with the Button component.

Triggering Initializer components with a Button component.

Triggering Decisions components with a Button component.

Calculator Component

Using Moment.js in a Calculator component.

Combining Calculators with Decisions components.

Charts Component

Building a scatter plot with a Chart component.

Building a bubble chart with a Chart component.

Decisions Component

Referencing field tags using a Decisions component.

Dropdown Component

Referencing Data Collections in a Dropdown component.

Dynamic Grid Component

Using logic with the Dynamic Grid component's Dynamic Index.

Multi-Select Dropdown Component

Using an internal API in a Multi-Select Dropdown component.

Using an external API in a Multi-Select Dropdown component.

Panel Component

Using Dynamic Refresh in a Panel component.

ViewGrid Component

Using inline HTML with a ViewGrid component.

Referencing CSS styles from a Content component to a ViewGrid component.

Uniform Grid Component

Writing data using a Uniform Grid component.

Formulas & Libraries

Setting object values using Lodash.

Turning object keys into camelCase using Lodash.

Using the REGEXMATCH formula.

Using the REGEXEXTRACT formula.