Use Case: Removing the Action Button from a Dashboard


By default, dashboards made with the ViewGrid component include an action button. Without extra configuration, this button shows as a Submit button. Sometimes, you might want to use a dashboard simply to display data, without any buttons. Removing the action button from your dashboard is easy.

In this use case, you'll learn how to remove the action button. This use case also includes steps for building a simple dashboard. The dashboard pulls submissions from the following source module:

Here's how your use case looks in Express View, before removing the action button:

Here's how your completed use case looks, with the default Submit button removed:

Here's how your completed use case looks in the Module Builder:

What You’ll Learn

In this use case, you’ll learn how to:

  • Remove the action button from a dashboard.

What You'll Need

To build this dashboard, you'll need:

  • 1 Panel component

  • 1 Initializer component

  • 2 Hidden components

  • 1 Plug-In component

  • 1 ViewGrid component


You'll pre-configure the following components for this use case.

Configure the ViewGrid Component

Lastly, let's bring in a ViewGrid component to display your dashboard. It's here that you'll set the Action field to null, removing the action button from your dashboard.

1. Drag and drop a ViewGrid component onto the canvas. Place your ViewGrid below the submissionId Hidden component.
2. Enter View Grid in the Label.
3. Enter gridView in the Property Name.
4. Enter null in the Action field. Entering null here removes the action button from your dashboard.
5. In the Inputs table, enter the following:
a. ID: enter pluginGetSubmissions.
b. Required: select Yes.
6. In the Outputs table, enter the following:
a. ID: enter submissionId.
b. Mapping: enter id.
7. In the Display table, enter the following:

Property ID





First Name



Last Name


=MOMENT(MOMENT(dateOfBirth), 'format', 'MM/DD/YY')

Date of Birth

NOTE  The Moment.js in the Formula column formats the dateOfBirth values as MM/DD/YY.

8. Click Save.
9. Save your module.