Real-Time Configuration Analysis: Test Reference


Unqork is constantly working hard to ensure your applications work as intended. The Real-Time Configuration Analysis tool in the Module Outline was created to help you achieve that. As you configure your modules, the tool runs tests to determine if the configuration meets best practices. When an issue occurs, the tool informs you and provides you with a recommendation to correct that issue.

TIP  To learn more about the Real-Time Configuration Analysis tool, see our Real-Time Configuration Analysis Tool article.

Real-Time Configuration Analysis Tests

This article provides you with the current Real-Time Configuration Analysis tests that validate your configuration as you build.

NOTE  Tests are constantly being added to ensure a better building experience, so return to this page on a regular basis to see other improvements to the tool.

Issue Title Issue Description Recommended Action Affected Component(s) Severity

Disabled Module RBAC

All modules should include RBAC RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) is a method to control system access for authorized users. The role in RBAC refers to the levels of access employees have to a network. (role-based access control). Without module RBAC, application security decreases.

Set the Customize RBAC for This Module toggle to (ON).

High High

Incomplete Component

This component is incomplete. Delete it if you don't intend to use it. Components without configurational value can reduce performance.

Add content or delete the incomplete component.

Low Low

Not a Stagger Loading Module

Only load information from the server when you need it. Ensure the component is using stagger loading to prevent performance issues.

Set the Stagger Loading toggle to (ON).

Medium Medium     

Open HTML Tag

It's best practice to close all HTML HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the standard markup language for for achieving font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects when creating web pages. tags. For example, closing the open <h1> tag with the </h1> tag at the end of the HTML content.

Locate and close all HTML tags.

Low Low

Saves Submission on Module, Not Schema

Only use the Save Action Type if you are not storing the submission in a schema module. The Save Action Type only saves a submission to the module.

Consider using the Event Action Type.

Medium Medium     

Uncompressed File

Keep file sizes as small as possible. For example, image uploads are typically very large and can impact performance. Large files also occupy more of the API APIs (application programming interfaces) are a set of protocols and definitions developers use to build and integrate application software. APIs act as the connective tissue between products and services.'s response than intended.

Set the Compress .jpg and .png Files toggle to (ON).

Medium Medium     

Unexpected Data Stored

Data & Event Processing components are not built to store data. Doing so impacts performance and manageability.

Output data to another component, like a Hidden or Text Field component.

High High

Unrestricted Button Click Interaction

It's best practice to limit the end-user End-users, also known as Express Users, are the individuals accessing an application through Express View. In most cases, end-users are the customers using the product. to a single button-click. Doing so prevents the end-user from triggering logic multiple times. It also provides a better user experience, letting the end-user know that the click registered and is processing.

Set the Restrict to Single Click toggle to (ON).

Medium Medium     

Unrestricted File Uploads

Only accept file types you need. Without restriction, end-users can upload malicious files to the server.

Define file formats.

High High

Using JavaScript

JavaScript JavaScript is an object-oriented computer programming language. It is most-commonly used for interactive effects in the browser. is a programming language that can change the module's state, leaving it vulnerable to bad actors. Use Unqork components instead of JavaScript to prevent cyber-attacks.

Replace all JavaScript with Unqork components. Or, use CSS Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for presenting how a HTML or XML document looks to end-users. and HTML HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the standard markup language for for achieving font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects when creating web pages..

High High