Allowlisting in Unqork


Allowlisting lets only trusted IP addresses have access to your Unqork environment, for both Express and Designer.

What Is a Firewall?

Firewalls act as a barrier between networks, controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic. This security measure uses a set of rules to determine whether network traffic should have access to the network or block it. Doing so prevents threats from malicious software and cyber attacks.

How Does Allowlisting Work in Unqork?

Once you provide a list of IP addresses, only those specified IP addresses can access your Unqork environment. However, take note that traffic originating from other IP addresses will be blocked completely by the firewall.

Improperly defined allowlists can potentially and severely impact your end-users' experience, with the perception of downtime. So, please work carefully with your Network Engineers and IT Administrators to ensure the list is extensive and comprehensive.

IMPORTANT  It's important to note that being on the allowlist does not preclude you from being blocked for standard industry security reasons.

TIP  To create an allowlist, submit a support ticket that includes the environment URL(s) and list of IP address CIDR blocks you are requesting to allowlist: