VCS How to: Add a Module to a New Branch

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1. Enable VCS for an application
2. Version Control Dashboard
3. View App Details Page
4. Create a Branch
5. Branch Details
6. Create a Pull Request
7. Review and Approve a Pull Request
8. Merge a Pull Request
9. Commenting on a VCS Application


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To edit a main module in Unqork's VCS (version control system) Unqork Version Control, also known as source control, is a system used to track and manage changes to modules and applications., you must first add it to a new branch A branch is a copy of modules in an Unqork application that helps Creators work in parallel. Branching an application can seperate in-progress changes from release-ready modules. using the Create a Branch page. Adding modules into a branch creates a copy for you to modify without affecting the core set of modules in the Main Branch The Main Branch (or Main Modules) consists of a core set of modules for an application. The Main Branch's modules can only be modified by creating a seperate branch..

What You'll Learn

After completing this article, you'll know how to add a main module to a new VCS branch.

Adding a Main Module to a New Branch

After enabling VCS for an application, Creators Also known as Unqork Users, or Designer Users; is anyone who is inside the Unqork platform. can begin creating branches using the Main Branch's modules. For this example, add an existing main module to a new branch so Creators can modify it using the Contributor The VCS (version control system) Contributor role has permissions to edit modules in a branch. Set contributors during the VCS Create a Branch process. role.

This example assumes you have a VCS-enabled application with at least one module when creating a new branch.

TIP  To learn how to enable VCS, view our How to: Enable VCS (Version Control System) article.

From the Workspaces page:

1. Find and open a workspace that contains a VCS-enabled application.
2. Click the application's View App in VCS button. The View App Details' Branches page displays.
3. Click + Create Branch. The Create Branch page displays.
4. Under General, in the Branch Name* field, enter Branch-One.
5. From the Main Modules grid, find the module you want to branch and click Action ▾.
6. Click Add to Branch. The module moves from the Main Modules list to the Modules to Branch list.

7. Under Participants, click Show Advanced Settings.
8. Set Owner Can Approve Pull Requests to Checked Box icon (Checked).
9. In the Please Document Reason field, enter the reason for creating this branch.

10. Click Create. A modal displays informing you the branch has been successfully created.
11. Click OK. The Branch Details page displays.

The module is now available for editing by Owners The VCS (version control system) Owner role is the user who creates a new branch. The VCS owner decides what parts of an application are to be modified in a branch, and assigns roles to users for the branch. and Contributors The VCS (version control system) Contributor role has permissions to edit modules in a branch. Set contributors during the VCS Create a Branch process. in the branch.