Data Workflow: Object Operators

Use Data Workflow's Object operators to remove null values, create a table into an object, and merge two objects into one.

TIP  For examples of specific use cases using Data Workflow Object operators, see the How-to Guides: Object Operators section of our How-to Guides.

Introduction to Data Workflow Object Operators

Get an introduction to all of Unqork's Object operators.

Clean Object Operator

Learn how to convert or remove null values and other unwanted values from a data set using a Data Workflow.

Diff Operator

Learn how to perform a diff analysis on two inputs using a Data Workflow.

Extend Operator

Learn how to merge two object inputs into one using a Data Workflow.

Get Operator

Learn how to retrieve values from a data set using a Data Workflow.

Has Operator

Learn how to determine if a key or path exists in an object using a Data Workflow.

Object2Table Operator

Learn how to convert an object to a table of key/value pairs using a Data Workflow.

Set Operator

Learn how to add values to a data structure using a Data Workflow.