Data Workflow: Gateways Operators

Use Data Workflow's Gateways operators to introduce decision logic, control Data Workflow pathways, and merge and split branches.

TIP  For examples of specific use cases using Data Workflow Gateways operators, see the How-to Guides: Gateways Operators section of our How-to Guides.

Introduction to Data Workflow Gateways Operators

Get an introduction to all of Unqork's Gateways operators.

Branch Merge Operator

Learn how to merge two pathways created by the Branch Split operator in a Data Workflow.

Branch Split Operator

Learn how to split a pathway into two pathways in a Data Workflow.

Decision Operator

Learn how to use logic to pass data through a Data Workflow.

Gate Operator

Learn how to use a Boolean to allow or block advancement through a Data Workflow.

Input Switch Operator

Learn how to use logic to allow one of two inputs to pass through a Data Workflow.