Data Workflow: Value/String Operators

Use Data Workflow's Value/String operators to convert Excel files into JSON, convert a JSON string to a JSON object, and find matching values in a table.

TIP  For examples of specific use cases using Data Workflow Value/String operators, see the How-to Guides: Value/String Operators section of our How-to Guides.

Introduction to Data Workflow Value/String Operators

Get an introduction to all of Unqork's Value/String operators.

Convert Value Operator

Learn how to convert a value's data type into another data type using a Data Workflow.

Create Value Operator

Learn how to create number, string, and Boolean values to pass into a Data Workflow.

Excel to JSON Operator

Learn how to convert Base64 encoding of an Excel file to JSON using a Data Workflow.

Formula Operator

Learn how to perform formula logic using a Data Workflow.

Includes Operator

Learn how to determine if a value exists in an input using a Data Workflow.

JSON Parse Operator

Learn how to parse a JSON string and output it as a JSON object using a Data Workflow.

NLP Operator

Learn how to find matching values in a table using a Data Workflow.

Split String Operator

Learn how to split a string into an array of values using a Data Workflow.