Redirect a Workflow

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Redirect a workflow to other nodes, workflows, or URLs depending on the data they collect. Redirecting a workflow to another workflow can carry the current record data to the next workflow.

There are three different ways to redirect workflows in Unqork:

  • Button component: The Workflow  Action Type redirects an end-user to a previous part of the workflow.

  • Handoff node: Redirect to another workflow with the option of continuing the record data.

  • Workflow Settings: Redirect a workflow to modules, URLs, or other workflows using the Save and Exit navigation button. Redirecting to another workflow transfers the record data with it.

The success of your redirection depends on how you set up your workflow sequence. If your workflow uses unidirectional links, it might prevent your workflow from progressing outside a linked path. Check that your workflow doesn't use unidirectional links to your handoffs or redirection buttons.

What You'll Learn

In this article you'll learn how to redirect a workflow using a Button component, Handoff node, and using the Workflow Editor settings.

Redirecting Workflows Using a Button Component

Redirect end-users using a Button component. A Button component can only redirect end-users to a previous step in the workflow.

Turn On Sequential Navigation

Sequential Navigation enables Button components to redirect a workflow to a previous node.

To enable Sequential Navigation:

1. Click ···.
2. Click Settings.

A static image displaying the Workflow Editor, the ellipsis buttons are selected and the Settings button is highlighted.

3. Set Make Sequential Navigation Clickable to checked (checked).
4. Click Save.

Configure the Button Component

To redirect your workflow with a Button component:

NOTE  These instructions assume you have a completed workflow with a module linked to a Screen/Task node.

1. Open the Screen/Task node module that redirects your workflow.
2. Drag and drop a Button component onto your Module Editor canvas.
3. Set the Element Type to Workflow.
4. Set the Action Type to Go to.
5. In the Step Path field, enter the Path of the workflow node where you want to redirect the end-user.

NOTE  You can find a Workflow node's path in the node Settings Menu. Remember, the Goto Button component can only redirect to previous workflow steps.

A static image displaying the Button configuration window. The Element Type is set to Workflow, the Action Type is set to "Go To" and the Workflow Step Path field is highlighted to be filled.

TIP  To learn more about using the Button component, view our Button Component article.

Redirecting Workflows Using a Handoff Node

In Unqork, a handoff is when a process redirects the current workflow to another workflow's entrypoint. To achieve a handoff in your workflow, you'll use a Handoff node.

Redirect With Handoff Nodes

To finish your workflow, you must add an endpoint. Instead of ending your workflow with an End node, you can execute a handoff redirection. To do that, add a Handoff node to your workflow. When end-users reach this point in your workflow, they're redirected to another workflow. In the node's Settings Menu, you can select the workflow where you want end-users to redirect. You can also select which node in that workflow the end-user will start on.

1. Drag and drop a Handoff node into the Authenticated swimlane.
2. Click Edit.
3. In the Choose Workflow To Handoff To field, enter or select a workflow.
4. In the Choose Node To Start From field, enter or select a Start node.

A static image displaying the Handoff Event Node settings menu, the "Choose Workflow to Handoff  To" and "Choose Node to Start From" settings are highlighted.

5. Connect the output port (right) of the previous node to the input port (left) of the Handoff node.
6. Click Save.... The Version History modal displays.
7. Click Save.

TIP  To learn more about using the Handoff node, view our Handoff Node article.

Redirect with the Workflow Settings Page

If your workflow supports saving and exiting from an end-user Screen/Task, you can set up the Save and Exit button in workflow settings to redirect to modules, URLs, or handnoff to other workflows.

NOTE  When handing off to a different workflow, the workflow you redirect to decides the state management rules. So, your handoff settings from your first workflow won't carry over.

To redirect using the Workflow Settings page: 

1. From the Workflow Editor, click ···. The Settings Menu displays.
2. Under Save and Exit, set the Enable Save and Exit Button toggle to On Button (ON).
3. From the Save and Exit Handoff Type drop-down menu, select a handoff type.
4. In the Save and Exit Handoff field, enter the module, workflow, or URL where you'll handoff.

NOTE  Depending on the Handoff Type you choose, different Save and Exit Handoff text boxes display.

5. Click Save.

TIP  To learn more about the Workflow Editor settings, view our Workflow Editor Settings article.