Using Lodash in Unqork


Put simply, Lodash Lodash is a JavaScript library that lets you perform functions for common programming tasks. is a Javascript JavaScript is an object-oriented computer programming language. It is most-commonly used for interactive effects in the browser. library of functions. You can use these functions to complete common tasks in Unqork. You'll write Lodash as a formula with parameters relative to the function you decide to use. For example, _.set is a Lodash function that accepts three parameters to set a new object value.

Where to Use Lodash in Unqork

Unqork lets you use Lodash anywhere you write formulas. For example, you can use Lodash in a Calculator component or Decisions component. You can also use Lodash in any of the formula operators in a Data Workflow.

Let's say you want to use a Calculator component to set key/value pairs in an object. You can use the _.set Lodash function from earlier to set the value and path of your object. To do this, you'll write the function as an output formula in your Calculator component.