Module Builder: Formulas & Libraries

Everything you need to know about using formulas, regex, and lodash in Unqork.

TIP  For examples of specific lodash and regex use cases, see the How-to Guides: Component Library section of our How-to Guides.

Supported Formulas

Explore all supported formulas for Unqork logic components.


Get an introduction to the TEXTJOIN formula and how to use it.

HTTP Status Codes

Get an introduction to HTTP status codes and how to configure them using a Decisions and Initializer component.

Manipulating Dates with Moment.js

Learn how to manipulate date values in a Date Input component using moment.js.

Using Lodash in Unqork

Learn how to use lodash functions in Unqork.

Using Regex in Unqork

Learn how to use regex (regular expressions) functions in Unqork.