Workspaces: Global and Advanced Search


Global Search and Advanced Search let you search for elements at the module, application, workspace, and workspaces levels. Use Global Search if you know the name of a module or application but are unsure of its workspace. Alternatively, Global Search includes a link to the Advanced Search page if you need to narrow down your search. The Advanced Search page lets you narrow your search by using filter and search sorting options.

Global Search

The (Global Search) tool displays in the navigation bar at the top of UDesigner. Searching using the Global Search tool displays results for workspaces, applications, or app elements that contain the search criteria.

To use Global Search in Workspaces:

1. Click the (magnifying glass) at the top of the page. The workspace's most recently updated modules display at the top of the modal A modal is a window that appears on top of the content you are currently viewing..
2. In the Search Environment field, enter all or part of a workspace, application, or app element name. You can also search for a specific module ID.

The matching workspaces, applications, and app elements display in a list. As you continue entering characters, the list narrows.

NOTE  The icons to the left of the results identify the result as a workspace, application, workflow, module, or Data Collection. You can also reference the Last Modified date to help you locate the correct element. By default, search results sort by the most recently updated workspaces, applications, and app elements.

3. Scroll to find the workspace, application, or app element.
4. Click the line item to open the workspace, application, or app element.