Marketplace Submission Process


The Unqork Marketplace lists assets you can use to quickly add pre-configured elements to your application. The templates and snippets you see in Marketplace all solve common use cases. But, Unqork Creators are always coming up with new ideas to solve new use cases. So, how do these ideas get added to Marketplace?

If you have a new idea for Marketplace, you can easily submit it for consideration. If the Marketplace team decides to use your idea, it'll get its own listing on Marketplace!

This article will guide you through the idea submission process. It'll help you understand what the Marketplace team is looking for, and how the team prioritizes submissions. Using these tips ensures your ideas make their way through the process without a hitch.

What You’ll Learn

In this article, you'll learn:

Submitting an Idea to Marketplace

To submit an idea:

1. Click the Submit an Idea button on the Marketplace home page. The Idea Submission modal opens.

2. Enter your Name.
3. Enter your Email.
4. Enter your Company.
5. Select a Template Type.
6. Enter an Asset Name.

NOTE  Choose a name that's concise but representative of your idea's capabilities. Don't worry about setting a permanent name for your idea, though. What you submit here won't be the default title should your idea make it into the Marketplace.

7. Select an Asset Category
8. Enter a Description.
9. Enter a Relevant Link.

NOTE  Relevant links are optional. But if you're able to provide a link to an example of your idea, we can better assess it. This should be a link to a sample you've built yourself in your Unqork environment.

10. Click Submit Idea.

How the Marketplace Team Prioritizes Submissions

Once you’ve submitted your idea, your submission gets routed to the Marketplace team. There, the Marketplace team prioritizes ideas based on the following criteria:

  • Whether the idea includes integrations.

NOTE  If the idea contains integration with a technology provider that Unqork doesn't have an approved partnership with, the Marketplace team will not be able to proceed with the idea. However, our partnership list is always growing, so don’t let that stop you from submitting an idea. If a partnership happens in the future, your idea will be re-prioritized.

  • What industries your idea is applicable for.

  • Reach and impact of the idea.

  • Whether you've submitted a working example with your idea.

NOTE  The Marketplace team is excited to receive all ideas, but due to limited resources, ideas with built-out examples will be prioritized above those without. Also, if your idea contains configuration specific to your application, the Marketplace team will strip this out.

After the Marketplace team reviews your idea, you'll receive an email informing you whether it’s been accepted. If the Marketplace team decides to use your idea, it'll get prioritized and put on the backlog.

After Your Idea Has Been Prioritized

Your idea has been approved. That's great! What now?

Your idea then makes its way to active development. There it gets taken over by a development pod within the GTM Product team. These folks are in charge of further vetting your idea. They'll create the listing for Marketplace, get the appropriate approvals, and handle documentation.

First they’ll review your Use Case. Then, they'll review the information you submitted to ensure they understand the requirements. If they need more information, they'll reach out to you.

NOTE  If the pod determines your idea is outside the purview of Marketplace, they can reject your idea. This is all the more reason to submit a working example!

Once the pod confirm all the materials, they’ll create the template's configuration. If you submitted a working example, they might use that as a starting point. But, the team has the freedom to create anything they want to solve the use case.

After development, the listing goes through 3 reviews before it's listed on Marketplace.

  • Solutions Architecture: A member of the Solutions Architecture team reviews the listing. They ensure that it’s built to Unqork best practices, is scalable, and is secure.

  • Security: A member of the Unqork Security team reviews the listing to see if it raises security concerns.

  • UX: If the template has elements that are viewable in Express View, a member of the UX team reviews the listing. They ensure that it's as accessible as possible. However, the final UX design depends on an environment's style, so this is more of a consultation.

NOTE  If at any point a team member determines that the solution raises concerns and updates won't solve the issue, they can reject the listing.

Publishing on Marketplace

Now that your idea has passed all reviews, all that’s left is documentation. Your development pod will work with a technical writer to understand the listing and create documentation. This ensures that every Creator feels comfortable installing and using your listing.

Once the documentation is complete, the Marketplace team publishes your idea on Marketplace. Congratulations!

As always, we value your feedback and your questions. To submit a response, please reach out using the Submit Feedback link in the Unqork Marketplace.