7.0.0 Platform Release Notes

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Release Schedule

Cohort Staging Release Date UAT Release Date Production Release Date

Early Release

Jan 11, 2024

Jan 25, 2024

Feb 8, 2024


Jan 24, 2024

Feb 7, 2024

Feb 21, 2024


Feb 6, 2024

Feb 20, 2024

Mar 5, 2024



Release Highlights

Introducing Unqork Data Modeling

Software data models are a visual representation of your data and data elements. These visual representations define how data elements relate to each other and how your data is stored in a database. Unqork Data Modeling lets you create similar data structures for your Unqork applications without the burden of using code. Once you create your data models, you can apply them to your modules. From there, simply drag and drop the fields where you want them in the Module Builder.

TIP  To learn more about Data Modeling, view our Data Modeling documentation. Or, take our Unqork Data Modeling Academy course.

Introducing the Query Builder

EARLY ACCESS  This is an early-access feature. To get access, please contact your Customer Success Representative.

Visual Query Builder provides a new and intuitive way for Creators Also known as Unqork users; anyone who is inside the Unqork platform. to create customizable, reusable, and high-performing queries on their data sets. Once a query has been created it can be accessed through a Plug-In component to retrieve the pre-filtered data into your modules. Query Builder includes support for accessing data created with the Data Modeling feature set and existing submissions created by your application.

Introducing On-Prem Groups

EARLY ACCESS  This is an early-access feature. To get access, please contact your Customer Success Representative.

You can now connect to on-premises (or on-prem) systems using Unqork's Integration Gateway. These systems can include apps (Jira and Sharepoint) enterprise resource planning (ERP) software (SAP and Oracle), databases, and much more. This feature lets you group one or more on-prem agents and create a secure connection between your organization's systems and Unqork. Doing so reduces the need to open ports in your organization's firewall, thereby ensuring your connections are efficient and secure. You can create on-prem groups and agents, download installers to your on prem environment, and enable access to all your on-prem systems using the Integrations Gateway.

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Introducing Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) continuously monitors Unqork application performance, availability, and overall health by analyzing various metrics. That way, you can minimize downtime and optimize performance. Unqork's APM feature now supports Datadog and Splunk integration.

TIP  To learn more about Application Performance Monitoring, see our Application Performance Monitoring (APM) article.



Module Builder

Workflow Builder