Unqork Release Notes Process

Unqork Client Release Environments

Environment Stage Description Code-base

Client Staging

The Staging environment stage (sometimes called the Dev stage) is where Unqork creators do most of their critical work. This is where creators build applications, modules, API calls, and more. Client Staging is a non-production environment that hosts test content only. Features and bug fixes get released to Client Staging at the end of a sprint cycle (every two weeks).


UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

The UAT environment stage is where both Unqork and the client can view the latest build. This non-production environment hosts test content only, including checking API responses and setting up unit tests.

As with Staging, we host UAT internally at Unqork. UAT offers both a Designer and Express View interface.



This environment stage is the live application, the only environment that end-users can access. It is also the only environment stage to host live client data.


NOTE  Some applications move through up to five environment stages. The two additional stages include dedicated QA (Quality Assurance) and Pre-Production environments. QA environment stages use the UAT code-base. Pre-production environment stages use the Production code-base.

TIP  Please work with your Unqork representative to identify your environment mix and uses.

Unqork Release Environments

Releases are scheduled according to cohorts. The process and schedule from Client Staging to Production is the same for all cohorts. The only difference is the date of release. You can find the release schedule on our Release Notes page. For clarification:

  • Cohort 1 is referred to as Early Release.

  • Cohort 2 is referred to as GA.

  • Cohort 3 is referred to as Exception/GovCloud.

Below is a detailed description of the release process:

1. Client Staging Release:
a. Occurs at the end of three sprint cycles, which is every six weeks, on Thursdays.
b. One Client Staging release occurs before a UAT release. We test this release for two weeks.
2. UAT Release:
a. Occurs two weeks after the Client Staging release, on Thursdays.
b. UAT testing lasts for two weeks.
3. Production Release:
a. Occurs two weeks after the UAT release, on Thursdays.
b. You're automatically opted in for Production releases. But, you can opt-out for up to two releases before you're required to accept the release.
c. If your organization has an open P1-Urgent Zendesk ticket, you're automatically opted-out of the Production release.
d. If you have a Pre-Production Environment, you can opt that in while opting Production out.
e. Please contact your Unqork Representative to opt-out of a Production release.

NOTE  If a feature breaks during a Production release, Unqork rolls back the release to the previous working version.

TIP  To see what release version you’re working with, add /version to the end of your environment URL. For example, update https://training.unqork.io as https://training.unqork.io/version.

Release Notes

Release Notes are available one week before the Beta Client Staging release. We send release notes out by email, noting the date of the release and features included. Release notes refer to features included in your Staging Environment.

  • Release notes are also available here.

  • Release notes calendar is available here.