Using Unqork's Community Hub

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Unqork's Community Hub is the one-stop shop for all Unqork resources. You'll find links to Unqork's Platform Q&A, Marketplace, Creator events, and platform status. You can also access Unqork documentation, Academy courses, and release notes. If you find a bug as you work on the platform, the Community Hub has a place for you to report it. The Community Hub is also where you'll come for news and status updates.

To access the Unqork Community Hub, click the following link:

What You'll Learn

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Logging in to Unqork's Community Hub

When you first visit the Community Hub (, you'll log in to your account using your Unqork credentials. Logging in grants you access to Forums and Feedback sections in the Community Hub.

NOTE  The Documentation, Updates, Events, and Status pages don't require a login.

To log into the Community Hub:

1. Navigate to Unqork’s Community Hub using
2. In the top-right corner, click Log In.
3. Enter your environment’s domain. For example, training.

4. Click Log In.
5. In the E-mail Address field, enter your Unqork account email address.
6. In the Password field, enter your Unqork account password.
7. Click Log In.

TIP  If you can't log in to the Community Hub, contact us at

At the top of the page, you'll see various drop-downs and links to different Unqork services. These include:

  • Knowledge Base: Use this menu to access everything from Platform Q&A and Unqork documentation to Academy courses and Community Hub FAQs.

  • Feedback: Use this menu to report platform bugs or participate in user research.

  • Marketplace: Click this link to visit the Unqork Marketplace.

TIP  To learn more about the Marketplace, visit our Introduction to the Unqork Marketplace article.

  • Updates: Click this link to see the latest community, platform, documentation, academy, and marketplace updates.

  • Events: Click this link to see upcoming and ongoing Unqork events.

  • Status: Click this link to see the current status of the Unqork platform.

The bulk of the Community Hub homepage are questions asked and answered in our Platform Q&A. You'll also see 4 main forum navigation tiles. These tiles are:

  • Platform Q&A: Click this tile to access Unqork's crowd-sourced knowledge sharing center. This is the place to go for configuration how-to questions. It's open to employees, contractors, and our growing list of partners.

  • Best Practices: This tile takes you to the best practices center. Here, you'll see a list of best practice articles, and community posts contributing to best practices.

  • Use Case Showcase: Click this tile to see a curated list of community-created Use Cases for the Unqork Designer Platform.

  • Ideas & Feedback: This tile directs you to the Ideas and feedback center, where you can review, upvote, or submit your own ideas for new features or improving the Unqork Designer Platform.

Navigating the Knowledge Base

When you click the Knowledge Base menu, you'll see the options organized into 4 categories:

  • Forums: This category includes links to Platform-specific or general (open) questions and answers. The forums section also includes best practices and use cases for the Unqork Designer Platform.

  • Documentation & Training: This category includes links to our Platform Documentation (Documentation Hub), Academy, API (application programming interface) documentation, and Release Notes.

  • Event Recordings: Click these links to discover or catch up on the latest Creator events happening at Unqork.

  • Community: Click the Community FAQ link to find the most commonly asked questions about the Community Hub.

Platform Q&A and Open Questions

Now, take a moment to dive into the details of the Platform Q&A and Open Questions pages. Platform Q&A is where you'll find platform-related questions and answers. Open Questions is where you'll find other general Unqork questions.

TIP  To stay on top of all new Platform questions, click the Platform Q&A tile. Then, click Get Email Updates. You'll now receive an email every time someone asks a platform-specific question.

Searching Existing Questions

Unqork's Community Hub is constantly growing. It's important to understand how to find questions already asked and answered. You can use the Search bar at the top of the page to search Creator questions.

TIP  You can also click the Platform Q&A tile to go directly to the Community Hub's Q&A page.

Upvoting Questions and Answers

Upvoting is best practice. Many people use Unqork's Community Hub to search for content. Voting moves good content to the top and poor content to the bottom. Upvote questions and answers that are helpful so more people see them. Don't upvote unhelpful content. Upvoting questions and answers also helps award reputation points to the original respondent.

To upvote a question or answer, click the Upvote icon at the bottom of the question or answer.

Asking Questions

Let's look at how you can ask questions using the Unqork Community Hub.

1. Navigate to Unqork's Community Hub page using
2. In the top-right of the page, click + Create a Post.
3. Fill in the required information, including Title, Body, Forum location, and Tags.
4. Click Post.

TIP  To learn more about creating posts on Unqork's Community Hub, visit our How to: Create a Platform Q&A Forum Post article.

Answering Questions

Now, let's look at how you'll answer questions using the Unqork Community Hub.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
6. In the Reply field, enter your answer. You can embed media in your answer.
7. Click Reply.