7.2.0 Platform Release Notes

Version: 7.2.0

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Release Schedule

Cohort Staging Release Date UAT Release Date Production Release Date

Early Release

Feb 22, 2024

Mar 7, 2024

Mar 21, 2024


Mar 6, 2024

Mar 20, 2024

Apr 10, 2024


Mar 19, 2024

Apr 2, 2024

Apr 16, 2024



Release Highlights

Introducing UDesigner Wayfinding

EARLY ACCESS  UDesigner is an early-access feature. The features interface will be released at a later date. To learn more about taking advantage of this feature, contact your Unqork representative.

Unqork will release a new UDesigner experience in the Wayfinding and Discovery screens: Advanced Search, All Workspaces, Workspace Details, and Application Details. This release includes new personalization and collaboration functionality, including Commenting and Notifications, App Versioning, and a personalized homepage with Starred and Recent App Elements for enhanced discoverability.

A static image displaying the new UDesigner homepage.

TIP  To learn more, contact your Unqork representative. To see the new interface in action, view our Navigating the UDesigner Homepage article.

Introducing Application Versioning

EARLY ACCESS  Application Versioning is an early-access feature. For this initial release, Application Versioning can only be configured using the Application Versioning APIs. The features interface is part of our UDesigner initiative and will be released at a later date. To learn more about taking advantage of this feature, contact your Unqork representative.

Application Versioning lets you create application versions and maintain a history of them. Doing so promotes the team-oriented process common to software development. To use Application Versioning, you must enable Application Versioning in the application settings. When enabled, you can create unique, uneditable copies of the application at any time, retain versions for stability, and view and restore prior versions.

You can also roll back to a previous application version to avoid disrupting the end-user experience. No matter how many versions you create, you can run them at any time and choose to make any version the active one. Active application versions are those that you promote to your Production environment so your end-users can interact with it.

TIP  To learn more about configuring Application Versioning using APIs, view our Application Versioning: API Reference article.

Introducing Unqork's Case Management Solution

EARLY ACCESS  The Case Management Solution is an early-access feature. To learn more about taking advantage of this feature, contact your Unqork representative.

Get to market faster with Unqork’s new Case Management Solution. This solution is powered by Vega and empowers Creators with easily customizable, prebuilt components, and seamless updates.

Benefits include:

  • Faster development and higher-quality applications: Accelerate application development and reduce errors by reusing preconfigured and commonly-tested functionality.

  • User-friendly customization: Simply define your case and task-type workflows using an intuitive initiative UI (user interface) that can be customized by non-technical users. The drag-and-drop interface provides developers direct access to all data and API elements, eliminating the need for complex data mapping.

  • Easily maintain and upgrade: Create future-proof applications that make it easy to manage updates. That way, you can focus on innovation instead of maintenance.

Introducing Integration Promotions Using the Integrations Gateway

After creating recipes in your non-production environment levels, you can promote them to Production. Following this promotion process lets you develop more efficiently and ensures your integrations work correctly in all your environment levels. This process involves setting up your recipe package, or manifest, in a non-production environment level and downloading it to your computer. Then, you'll access your Production environment level and upload it.

It's important to note that you do not have to promote your recipes and connections at every Unqork environment level. If you create your manifest in any non-production environment (Staging, QA, or UAT), it's available in the other non-production environment levels. So, you only need to promote your manifest to your Production environment.

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