Cloud Service Providers: Supported Regions

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When you deploy services with Unqork, you have requirements to consider. These considerations might include:

  • Proximity to your customers or users.

  • Redundancies, availability, latency, and failover.

  • Disaster recovery.

  • Data residency preferences or legal requirements.

  • Availability of services by region.

Unqork hosts and manages customer environments on AWS and Azure. Customers can elect to have Unqork deploy on either cloud. Using the same CSP (cloud service provider) as your own cloud allows for added synergies. For example, using a direct connection like AWS PrivateLink instead of Azure Private Link.

AWS and Azure both divide their global infrastructure into regions. Each region contains at least one availability zone that houses the physical infrastructure. These infrastructures can be data centers, networking, connectivity, and so on. The AWS availability zones in each region interconnect with high-bandwidth, low-latency networks. There are some limitations as not all regions offer the full suite of products and services.

You must let Unqork know in what region(s) to deploy services. If you have data residency requirements, you must specify them to Unqork. If you don't have a preference or don't tell Unqork where to deploy, Unqork defaults to AWS in the US East (Ohio) region. While either CSP can provide the basic services necessary for Unqork, AWS is the most reliable.

NOTE  Unqork has vetted all AWS and Azure regions for you. Below you can see details of supported and unsupported regions. If you're looking for a region that doesn't appear below, you can assume it's unsupported.

AWS Regions

The table below lists the supported and unsupported AWS regions.

Geographic Region Group Supported AWS Regions Unsupported AWS Regions

Asia-Pacific (APAC)

  • Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

  • Asia Pacific (Osaka)

  • Asia Pacific (Seoul)

  • Asia Pacific (Singapore)

  • Asia Pacific (Sydney)

  • Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

  • Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)

  • Asia Pacific (Jakarta)

  • Mainland China (Beijing)

  • Mainland China (Ningxia)

Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

  • Europe (Frankfurt)

  • Europe (Ireland)

  • Europe (London)

  • Europe (Milan)

  • Europe (Paris)

  • Europe (Stockholm)

  • Africa (Cape Town)

  • Middle East (Bahrain)

Latin America (LATAM)


  • South America (São Paulo)

North America (NA)

  • US East (N. Virginia)

  • US East (Ohio)

  • US West (Oregon)

  • Canada (Central)

  • US West (N. California)

  • GovCloud (US-East)

  • GovCloud (US-West)

Azure Regions

The table below lists the supported and unsupported Azure regions.

NOTE  As of March 2022, Azure stopped supporting multiple availability zone delivery.

Geographic Region Group Supported Azure Regions Unsupported Azure Regions

Asia-Pacific (APAC)

  • Australia East (New South Wales)

  • Central India (Pune)

  • Japan East (Tokyo, Saitama)

  • Korea Central (Seoul)

  • Southeast Asia (Singapore)

  • Australia Central (Canberra)

  • Australia Southeast (Victoria)

  • China East (Shanghai)

  • China East 2 (Shanghai)

  • China North (Beijing)

  • China North 2 (Beijing)

  • China North 3 (Hebei)

  • East Asia (Hong Kong)

  • Indonesia Central (Jakarta)

  • Japan West (Osaka)

  • Malaysia West (Kuala Lumpur)

  • New Zealand North (Auckland)

  • South India (Chennai)

  • Southcentral India (Hyderabad)

  • Taiwan Central (Taipei)

Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

  • France Central (Paris)

  • Germany West Central (Frankfurt)

  • North Europe (Ireland)

  • West Europe (Netherlands)

  • Belgium Central (Brussels)

  • Denmark East (Copenhagen)

  • Finland Central (Helsinki)

  • Germany Central Sovereign (Frankfurt)

  • Germany Northeast Sovereign (Magdeburg)

  • Greece Central (Athens)

  • Israel Central (Israel)

  • Italy North (Milan)

  • Norway East (Oslo)

  • Poland Central (Warsaw)

  • Qatar Central (Doha)

  • South Africa North (Johannesburg)

  • Spain Central (Madrid)

  • Sweden Central (Gävle)

  • Switzerland North (Zurich)

  • UAE North (Dubai)

  • UK West (Cardiff)

Latin America (LATAM)


  • Brazil South (São Paulo State)

  • Chile Central (Santiago)

  • Mexico Central (Querétaro State)

North America (NA)

  • Canada Central (Toronto)

  • Central US (Iowa)

  • East US (Virginia)

  • South Central US (Texas)

  • Canada East (Quebec City)

  • East US 2 (Virginia)

  • East US 3 (Georgia)

  • North Central US (Illinois)

  • West Central US (Wyoming)

  • West US (California)

  • West US 2 (Washington)

  • West US 3 (Arizona)

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