Introduction to the Unqork Designer Platform

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Unqork is all about efficiency and simplicity. We empower the world to turn great ideas into future-proof software. We provide you with a platform to rapidly build and effectively manage enterprise-grade software without writing a single line of code. The result is faster time to market, improved quality, and reduced cost. With the Unqork Designer Platform, you can focus on overcoming business challenges instead of technical ones.

Why Unqork?

No-code is the future of technology and driving digital transformation. And Unqork is proud to be its leader.

We built the Unqork Designer Platform to meet the most stringent enterprise requirements with security and scalability in mind. We take care of enterprise concerns so that our customers can focus on their business. The four main benefits of using the Unqork Designer Platform are flexibility, reliability, scalability, and security.


The Unqork Designer Platform is flexible so you can build without constraints. We're ready to meet any use case with our enterprise-grade systems. Our flexible platform gives you the freedom to incorporate analytics, integrations, rules, workflows, front-end UX, legacy transformations, maintenance processes, and communication management systems.

Our platform interface makes it easy for anyone to use. This interface lets you build even the most complex software without limitations. Examples include spreadsheet-like calculations, data transformations, and external service integrations. If you need guidance, customers have full access to Unqork's community and enablement resources.

Unqork's Marketplace also provides you with preconfigured packages to make your builds easier. In our Marketplace listings, you can find out-of-the-box configurations to incorporate into your applications, as well as industry-specific templates.


The immediacy of a no-code platform brings you closer to the user experience. The Unqork Designer Platform bridges the gap between the customer and the development team. At Unqork, we encourage collaboration among teams. There's no reason a tool used by a business user can't also be used by your IT team. With the Unqork Designer Platform, it's easy to collaborate and exchange information.

Every Unqork instance operates in a single-tenant environment. You can scale your applications and data in the cloud without the downsides of commingling data and data leaks. Your rules and logic always store in your specific instance. This architecture satisfies the most-stringent security, compliance, and reliability requirements.


Business regulations change all the time. Companies release new products and services, and you need a scalable platform to make necessary adjustments. Unqork is the only platform with endless scalability to meet your needs. We focus on using modern technologies like containerization and NoSQL databases. These technologies specialize in meeting growing customer needs.

You can expand your user footprint no matter how complex the application. You'll find that as you expand this footprint, your system grows. As it grows, the Unqork Designer Platform helps you avoid the need for constant maintenance to change the data structure on the back-end.


The Unqork Designer Platform is SOC2 Type II, and Privacy Shield certified with a 99% pass rate. We follow secure SDLC best practices and bi-annual penetration tests of our platform. We provide you with the embedded security you need to keep you and your customers safe. This piece of mind lets you focus on building applications.

With Unqork's best-practice security controls, you can:

  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail.

  • Create immutable versions of your data.

  • Promote SDLC governance using the Unqork Development Life Cycle Toolkit, or UDLC Toolkit.

  • Maintain regulatory compliance with RBAC (role-based access control) to meet enterprise standards.

  • Operate with confidence in single-tenant, cloud-agnostic enterprise infrastructure.


We've helped customers across multiple industries build and deploy complex software. Though we continue to expand our reach, a few examples of the industries we've helped include:

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Insurance

  • Financial Services

But Unqork's capabilities are endless, and that's why we believe we can help any customer be successful.

Let us highlight our capabilities. With Unqork, you can:

  • Build whatever you need using a visual interface.

  • Integrate with everything from modern API (application programming interfaces) calls to legacy systems.

  • Implement SDLC processes and ensure your creations meet enterprise standards.

Build Using a Visual Interface

Unqork offers a visual drag-and-drop interface that anyone can use. This interface lets you operate and understand the dozens of events running in your systems. Examples include user inputs, back-end tasks, API calls, and server-side executions. No longer are you dependent on collections of abstracted lines of code. We represent these elements in an intuitive, visual language. This approach to elements reinforces mental models of the whole application, and provides you and your team with the big-picture concepts.

Integrate Without Limitation

Because API calls are a standardized way of sending and receiving data, the Unqork Designer Platform lets you integrate with modern API calls, legacy systems, and everything between. You can seamlessly connect any legacy file format, extract data, and build transformations using the Unqork Designer Platform. After adding services to your environment, you can orchestrate data flows into and out of your application. With our visual interface, Unqork’s turnkey system easily converts data into machine-readable formats.

Implement SDLC Processes and Enterprise Standards

The Unqork Designer Platform lets you and your team build with best-practice software development processes. We also provide you with version control and reversion capabilities for each configuration. Use the UDLC Toolkit in your staging and UAT (user acceptance testing) environments to track application and environment performance, and find avoid potential breaks.

Our platform also lets you create and manage roles and permissions for all users. This built-in RBAC gives you peace of mind knowing only the right users can access your applications and environment.

What Makes Unqork Different?

Unqork handles business in a unique way. We treat our clients, partners, and employees as they want to be treated. When you partner with Unqork, you receive hands-on training and enablement resources to build the highest quality software. Unqork empowers you to become a creator, and to configure and deploy your creations confidently. Building in Unqork is a team effort and we're always available to make your experience meaningful.

We Solve Specific Problems for Each Customer

We recognize that all our clients, partners, and customers have unique needs. As a team, we evaluate your specific limitations and pain points, and provide you with the solutions you need. We prove ourselves to our customers by helping them where they need it most. You have a business to run and we're here to make it successful. We know that our no-code platform solves customers' pain points, and we invest our time and resources to achieve your specific needs.

We Share the Wealth with Improvements and New Features

We understand that many companies are fearful of upgrading their software. They fear upgrades might destroy their hard work and introduce risk. With Unqork, our upgrades only improve existing applications. Our customers don't have to invest time or money to make sure the upgrade works.

One of the largest ongoing projects at Unqork is developing and improving our UDLC Toolkit. Following standard SDLC processes, these tools are specifically useful in staging and UAT environments. When building applications, these tools ensure you follow best practices and take advantage of the entire Unqork Designer Platform. When testing your creations, the UDLC Toolkit provides you with the ability to test rules, logic, and API module. Lastly, these tools help you to monitor crucial application and environment metrics to ensure high performance and efficient API calls.

Our teams are constantly improving and expanding our technologies and resources for our customers. We test every new feature before its release and provide you with the resources you need to incorporate it. Customers are also provided with a regular cadence of release notes sharing new features and upgrades.

We Pay it Forward with Unqork Marketplace

Unqork works with some of the world’s leading companies and institutions. We work with clients in financial services, insurance, public enterprise, and healthcare. As a result, we’re exposed to cutting-edge functionality that’s core to these businesses.

We take our knowledge and experience and pay it forward to our customers. We crowd-source requirements and provide our customers with reusable assets for key use cases. Unqork's Marketplace lets you build applications faster with fewer resources. Unqork offers three levels of templates:

  • Application Templates: Application templates are frameworks that can include modules and/or workflows. For example, our User Registration template uses multiple modules to collect, store, and maintain your end-user's registration details.

  • Integration Templates: Integration templates are like application templates. The difference is that they include integrations with external services. For example, our Twilio SMS template includes two modules and an external service with Twilio.

  • Snippets: Snippets are smaller module-based assets. We have various snippets that help you build pop-up modals, drop-down lists, and configure to Unqork's best practices. For example, our API Specification snippet provides a preconfigured, best practice framework for building API modules in your applications.

These levels range in complexity, but you can drag and drop any or all to new and existing applications. Having reusable assets lets you move faster and more efficiently.

We're a Community

Unqork is all about community. As an employee, client, partner, or customer, you are a part of the Unqork community. The Unqork Community Hub is a one-stop-shop for everything Unqork. You can find documentation, release notes, training resources, and community events. You can also view and participate in the Community Hub's Knowledge Base. This Q&A forum lets you view configuration questions from the community, and get tips and tricks to build better.

The Community Hub is also home to the largest collection of Unqork creators. SMEs (subject matter experts) are top knowledge holders who contribute the most to Unqork's Community Hub. These SMEs constantly vet and answer your questions in a timely manner, so you can get back to work. The most trusted SMEs are those with the highest number of reputation points. The more an SME contributes, the more reputation points they earn. But, these SMEs aren't only Unqork employees. Even highly successful Unqork customers contribute answers to our Knowledge Base.

We're Faster, Less Expensive, and Fun

Unqork is a true no-code system. You can move from a concept to a working application fast and efficiently. With Unqork's speed to delivery, customers can take advantage of significant reductions in operating costs and risks. With Unqork, customers can lower the cost of builds, headcount, testing, and maintenance. Employees and partners are connected immediately with documentation and training resources to begin configuring right away. This ensures no matter which Unqorker you collaborate with, it's fun and productive.


Imagine a world where engineers can focus on what's unique about their business. A world where you can conceptualize something and then build it in a few days. A world where every aspect of business is effortlessly digitized without a single line of code. Welcome to Unqork.