6.72 Platform Release Notes


Version: 6.72.0

Staging Release Date: January 18, 2023

UAT Release Date: February 7, 2023

Production Release Date: February 13, 2023


EARLY ACCESS  This release contains early access features. To get access to these features, please contact your Customer Success Representative.

Release Highlights & New Features

Record Collections Viewer

The Record Collections Viewer lets you view your application's submission data in Unqork!

The Record Collections Viewer delivers a robust data experience to view and access a detailed list of user records in each module or workflow. The Record Collections list catalogs the date, time, and details of the data captured from Unqork applications. The Record Collections Viewer reduces the need for external data validation tools, allowing creators to view records in the same format as it was stored without leaving the Unqork Platform. This makes it easier and faster to validate and monitor application data at any time during the build or testing process.

Import your data records using Bulk Import!

The Bulk Data Import feature is an efficient method to import large volumes of data from any Unqork application or move the data to another Unqork environment. A highly secure, reliable, and efficient method to import and edit high volumes of data, Bulk Data Import leverages new APIs to load data from other applications (outside of Unqork). Supported record formats include CSV and JSON.

Dynamic Refresh

Introducing Dynamic Refresh—the next “game-changer” in seamless user experiences.

Dynamic Refresh enables seamless content delivery by refreshing (or loading) parts of an Unqork application with new components, all without needing to reload the entire page. Dynamic Refresh is a function of the Panel component, and uses a new API (Get Module Components) to pull components from another module at runtime. The benefits of Dynamic Refresh include:

  • Contextual Context: Delight end-users with content specific to their selections, leveraging Unqork’s diverse component suite to do so.

  • Re-usability and Performance: Shared logic and UI (user interface) components can be brought into or removed from a Panel at any time. Doing so unlocks greater reuse and reduced module size/complexity — enabling improved performance.

Dynamic Refresh-related settings in Module Builder:

Content loading via Dynamic Refresh in Express View:

NOTE  This feature is currently in Beta while Unqork collects feedback from users.

TIP  To learn more about Dynamic Refresh and how to use it, view our Dynamic Refresh and Panel Component articles.


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