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A static image displaying a sample user profile in UDesigner.

The User Profile panel lets you customize user information for better collaboration with teammates in Unqork. Personalization includes contact information, profile pictures, and business role. Based on your profile, Unqork uses analytics to determine how user roles interact with the Unqork Platform to improve user experience.

The User Profile panel also includes personal achievements and Unqork Academy course progress. All certifications you earned through the Unqork Academy display for your team to view. Any Community badges you obtained from the Unqork Community Hub also display for all to see.

What You'll Learn

In this article, you'll learn how to update and manage your user profile.

Access Your User Profile

To access and update your user profile, you must log into Unqork's UDesigner. After logging in, click profile icon in the top-right corner of the UDesigner homepage. The User Profile panel displays to the right of the screen. From here, you can add a profile picture and a business role.

NOTE  If your organization uses SSO for Designer, you will not have a user profile.

To access your user profile:

1. Log into UDesigner using your credentials.
2. From the top-right corner, click the profile icon. The Profile Quick View modal A modal is a window that appears on top of the content you are currently viewing. displays.

NOTE  If you do not have a picture applied to your account, the icon is a blue silhouette image.

A static image displaying the Profile button at the top of the UDesigner homepage.

3. Click View Profile. The User Profile panel displays.

A static image displaying the User Profile Pane.

Updating Your Profile Picture

A static image displaying the Edit Your Information modal.

By default, your profile picture displays an icon with your initials.

To update your profile picture:

1. In the User Profile panel, click Edit.
2. In the Upload a New Image field, drag and drop or select an image from your computer.
3. Click Sav & Closee.

Your profile picture now displays at the top of the User Profile panel.

Updating Your Role

Your profile role helps Unqork better understand how users use the platform. Select the role that most closely matches your role at Unqork.

These options include:

  • Technical Leadership

  • Business Leadership

  • Project Leadership

  • Product Leadership

  • Creator

  • Tester

  • Designer

NOTE  Profile roles are unique to the User Profile. They don't affect your Creator or Express user roles.

To update your role:

1. In the User Profile panel, click Edit.
2. From the Role drop-down, select the role that most accurately describes how you work in Unqork.
3. Click Save & Close.

Your profile role now displays below your name.