Console Tools Bookmarklets


Bookmarklets are Chrome bookmarks that use javascript instead of an HTML link. You can use Bookmarklets to execute Centauri and Vega Console Tool commands from your Bookmarks bar.


Bookmarklets can be added to your browser's Bookmarks Bar. For this example, we'll use Chrome.

Import the Console Tools Bookmarklets File

To import the Console Tools Bookmarklets File in Chrome:

1. Right-Click and save the following link: Unqork_Console_Tools_Bookmarklets_v1.htm.
2. In your browser, click the vertical ellipsis (settings) button. The settings drop-down displays.
3. Click Bookmarks and Lists. The Bookmarks pane displays.
4. Click Import Bookmarks and Settings.

A static image displaying the three steps required to access the Import bookmarks setting.

5. Click Choose File.
6. Navigate to and select the Unqork_Console_Tools_Bookmarklets_v1.htm file. The modal displays a checkmark indicating the files have been imported.
7. Click Done.

Depending on your Bookmarks setup, the Bookmarklets might be in a folder labeled Imported, or UNQ Console Tools.

How to Add Bookmarklets to the Bookmarks Bar

To add bookmarklets to your Bookmarks Bar:

1. Navigate to a Bookmarklet hyperlink in the table below.
2. Left-Click and drag the link to your Bookmarks Bar. The Bookmarklet displays your Bookmarks Bar.

Console Tools Bookmarklets List

Vega Bookmarklets

Centauri Bookmarklet

TIP  To learn more about Vega Console Commands, view our Vega Console article.

Using Bookmarklet Console Tool Commands

These bookmarklets are designed to work only in Centauri and Vega Express Views. You must have the Chrome browser DevTools open to the Console tab to execute these Bookmarklet commands.

To use a Bookmarklet in Express View:

1. Right-Click anywhere on an Express View page. The Options pane displays.
2. Click Inspect. The DevTools The DevTools Console helps you securely store, build, test, and deploy your software. console displays.
3. From the DevTools tabs, select Console. The Console tab displays.
4. From your Bookmarks Bar, navigate to a Bookmarklet command and left-click it. The Bookmarklet executes in the console.

NOTE  Some Vega Console Tools require a Property ID, Key, or Definition to execute, you'll see a pompt display on your screen when the tool requires it.

Additional Resources

Display the Chrome Browser Bookmarks Bar and Create a Folder

To display your Bookmarks Bar and create a folder:

In the Chrome browser, click the triple-dot (settings) button.

1. Navigate to and click Bookmarks & Lists, the Bookmarks pane displays.
2. Click Show Bookmarks Bar. A bar displays under the URL address field, if you have bookmarks, they display as well.
3. In the Bookmarks Bar, right-click an empty space, then click Add Folder.
4. In the Name field, enter UNQ Console Tools.
5. Click Save.