Welcome to UDesigner

Here you'll find everything you need to know about UDesigner. This page includes an Academy course to help bring you up to speed and articles to help you build in the new UDesigner.

TIP  Features are being adding on a regular basis. Return to this page regularly to see what's new.


Introduction to UDesigner

Get an introduction to Unqork's new UDesigner platform.

Navigating UDesigner

Learn how to navigate all the various features of the UDesigner homepage.


Introduction to Workspaces

Get an introduction to UDesigner Workspaces and learn how to create them.

Navigating All Workspaces

Learn how to navigate and use the All Workspaces page.


What Is a Module?

Learn about Unqork modules.

Introduction to the Module Builder

Get an introduction to the UDesigner Module Builder and learn how to create modules.


Logging into Unqork

Learn how to log into UDesigner.

User Profile

User Profile

Learn how to explore and customize your user profile.


Introduction to Applications

Get an introduction to UDesigner applications and learn how to create them.